I A NanoMed

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Indian Academy of NanoMedicine

NanoMedicine is an interdisciplinary research and study field in biomedical sciences. It encompasses research at nanoscale from chemistry, biology, physics, engineering to bring out new drugs, disease diagnosis methods and better drug delivery systems. It is interlinking the basics sciences and applied field advances to bring out the new translational medicines.


Indian Academy of NanoMedicine

The association is an independent body of researchers working in NanoMedicine from India. This is Indian society of Nanomedicine researchers that aim to promote the field of nanoscale research in biomedical sciences and provide the information about the advances in nanomedicine field.

The Academy supported journal for publishing advanced research advances in nanomedicine is

Applied NanoMedicine

Applied NanoMedicine Journal
Link: Applied NanoMedicine Journal http://www.pubs.iscience.in/journal/index.php/appnanomed